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internet please help me i can’t stop

in fact at this point i feel obligated to write more installments, just bc i have written 5500 words of “pirate au” with v little actual pirateing and i’m ashamed

calm seas and sail so expeditious: part the third

hilary/st. george, pg-13, etc. etc.

He looked very much the duke’s son rather than the sailor, and Hilary felt a stab of misgiving—what real place could a duke’s son find in a life such as hers?—-but just as quickly rejected it. She had successfully avoided useless thoughts like that thus far, and saw no reason to begin indulging them now.
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apparently when i think up an au i don't know how to leave it alone oh god help me

calm seas, and sail so expeditious: part the second and hopefully final

captain hilary thorpe/lieutenant viscount st. george, PG-13

She drew her pistol with her free hand, pointed it in Lord Peter’s face, and waited. St. George made a small, choked, noise of protest that might or might not have been genuine; Lord Peter raised an eyebrow and met her gaze along the pistol barrel.
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calm seas, and sail so expeditious
Hilary Thorpe/Viscount St. George, 2000 words, PG-13.

A pirate AU. Because why not.

“It really isn’t worth it,” said Hilary dully. “This kidnap-for-ransom business. I’d never tried it before, and it’s worked out to be such an awful lot of trouble and risk that it almost isn’t worth returning you.”
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A Jolly Kind of Detective Game
St. George/Hilary Thorpe
139,000 words

In which Miss Hilary Thorpe and Gerald, Viscount St. George, freshly released from Oxford upon an unsuspecting Britain, try to do one of Hilary's friends a simple favour with disastrous consequences; Lady Winifred Wimsey tries her hand at detective work; and Charles Peter Parker, aged five-and-a-quarter, single-handedly repels the German invasion.
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Hey so I've been paying less and less attention to DW and LJ lately and I am super sorry about that, it does not seem like a process that's likely to reverse :/

But hey you know that really long fic I've been writing for like three years

I will probably be finishing and posting it in like...the next week or two? (And then clearing up some other WIP stuff, including Hogwarts, but this is the big thing that has me kind of in preemptive shock.)

so if there's anyone left who hasn't unfollowed me for inactivity yet, you should probably wait a couple weeks longer I'm just saying
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I am alive! And I've posted another Hilary/Jerry fic over on LJ.

What's up with you folks?
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Hello, Internet! Is anyone still paying attention to me? Is there anyone left besides me who cares about my fic? (Am I going to post it anyway? Yes.)

It may be time to admit I am not as much of a LJ/DW person as I used to be? I am trying super hard to be more of a real person, but honestly it is slow going so far. I am still absolutely writing fic--Hogwarts AU got clogged up for a while but is progressing again, slowly. (Mostly the problem is that I need to write some Harriet/Peter in this bit and Harriet/Peter scares the crap out of me.) Casefic is still in editing mode, but there may be a very dim spark of light at the end of the tunnel? I hope.

I couldn't sleep tonight and the next two days are going to be rough as hell schoolwise, so I don't want to talk about real life much because I won't have anything good to say about it.

How are you folks?

(Also, if you want to get me somewhere that I'm keeping up with better right now, I'm spintheiryarns on Twitter and queencardigan on Tumblr.)
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Still alive, still writing for some reason, and have posted a Hilary St. George story over at Livejournal!

of punctured damn-the-things, PG, 1700 words. Set in May 1944.

Jerry tried to move, found it unexpectedly difficult, and coughed once or twice on the vague principle that someone ought to be told he still existed.
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Last night I got out of class "early" at 9PM. I was cranky, because it was literally about seven degrees Fahrenheit out and I needed to go to the school library and then walk half a mile down to the 24-hr grocery store for milk and hummus. (I am a baby who frequently will only get her vegetables if it's by eating carrot sticks + hummus on the side of all her meals.)

Anyway, I went up to the school library in search of Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice, which I should really just buy already because it's like six bucks used and I'm taking Ivan's class in the fall anyway, and I had never been up in that corner of the library before. And you guys, they have an aisle and a half of comic books. In my school library. You'd think after three years of art school I would have known or guessed this sooner.

Basically the way this turned out was that I wandered around going 8D for fifteen minutes, panicked, grabbed volumes 1-5 of B.P.R.D. for some unknown reason, walked down to the grocery store still going 8D, bought milk and hummus and a ton of pork chops (I have never eaten pork chops you guys what do I do with these) still going 8D even as my fingers were falling off from the cold.


Also, when I went to Jimmy John's yesterday, they told me about their punch card (buy ten sandwiches get one free, the usual thing) and, because I'm in there so much, gave me a card with nine holes already in it. CUSTOMER LOYALTY PAYS OFF, FOR THE RECORD.


Jan. 19th, 2012 07:53 am
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[livejournal.com profile] manasseh and I: drawing a picture for every movie we watch this year! Except I'm sort of cheating and starting off with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Lord of the Rings, which I watched in the last week of 2011.

[livejournal.com profile] manasseh wrote me an amazing and hilarious AU version of The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes, about RDJ Holmes instead of book Holmes; she refuses to post it, but she can't stop me illustrating it. TAKE THAT, MORGAN >:(

Under the cut. )

Meanwhile, in the real world, I have only had one class so far this week and my sleep schedule is completely fucked up, which is why I've been awake drawing this since like five AM when I don't have class until 10:30.
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things that i would weep with joy to read on the slim chance they ever exist:

the AU version of The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes with Guy Ritchie's Holmes instead of Doyle's, in which Holmes is of course utterly delighted to help find a missing kitten, but is also high the entire time and accidentally involves ickle Peter in a very dangerous and complicated international conspiracy in the process.

To be fair, that last bit could be Peter's karma at work as much as Holmes's.
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but Zoya has a New Year's promotion: two free nail polishes for just the cost of shipping, so of course I had to get out my nail polish box to figure out what shades I was missing. And then the box broke and you know what, I've been wanting for a long time to find a part of my room where I could actually line my polishes up where I could see them, so I did that.

On the scale of life goals, it's pretty tiny, but I am pleased. :D LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLORS.

In other news: I have a Tumblr at queencardigan. It started out as a class project and then I wasn't sure what to do with it, but now I'm going to start putting my own art up on it, so y'all should please come be my friend :D
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I was on a train from 8AM Jan 1-noon Jan 2, so I did nothing for the holiday :( Not that I ever do, but hey.

1. Yuletide reveal: I only wrote one fic this year, and had a lot of fun with it, but sadly it wasn't too far outside my usual product.

I think, if I were king of Greece
1443 words, PG.
Gherkins had gotten hold of her fountain pen, and was doodling scratchily all over one end of her blotter. “Aunt Mary,” he said thoughtfully, “when you were Winnie’s age, could you climb trees?”

I have a NYR in mind, but it would be in art form and y'all know how I get about drawing things where people might see them, so God knows.

2. People have so much to say about how 2011 went for them. I feel kind of shitty thinking about it, because I really don't feel like I made much of a net gain. I got marginally better at drawing, I guess. I got worse at exercising regularly. I actually talk to people IRL, though I have no faith that any of them gives a damn about me. I went on two dates, both of which were failures except as character-building exercises, but I had never been on any before so I guess that's progress. I joined group therapy and quit again. I started a webcomic, failed, deleted the website. I bought roller-skating lessons and failed out. There is a pattern here.

I have a lot of specific goals for next year involving exercise and health and art et cetera, but my real resolution as always is to really feel that I have progressed and changed in some noticeable way. Just once. That would be nice.


Dec. 30th, 2011 03:58 am
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I'm very new to this whole double-journal thing, and I'm so used to my setup over at LJ that I don't feel entirely comfortable with crossposting fic like I would other kinds of entries?

Regardless, I know I have Wimsey fans over here who don't know me on LJ, so I thought I would at least alert you that a story has in fact occurred!

I took my pennies to the market square, St. George/Hilary Thorpe, 2200 words, PG. Set on Christmas, 1944.
It wasn't a real disappointment that it didn't snow for the Christmas of 1944, but it felt somehow as though it were just about to, which was really the most one could hope for.
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Yeah, so this really really sucks. My computer is barely useable and getting gradually worse; basically I can only do one thing at a time, and right now that thing is almost always backing up my files to box.net. I can't find my Vista install CD, so I can't send the computer to a professional place to get fixed, because if they wipe my hard drive I've paid at least a hundred dollars to make my computer completely unusable. There are things I need to be doing-- signing up for Internet service, finding a job, signing my lease, not to mention writing fic-- that I simply can't do right now, and while I'm shockingly functional 80% of the time it is amazing how hard it is to make myself eat when I haven't got anything else productive to do while doing it. And I have to get this all sorted out before the 16th, when my free box.net trial will run out.

[personal profile] katarin, do you know anyone with a computer running Vista? I could really, really use an install CD to borrow.
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I don't know what to say, but I feel like I should be posting. Nothing terribly exciting is going on in my life right now.

Crossover fic is chugging along. [community profile] polybigbang is chugging along. I'm not sure why, because I still have no idea what the fuck I'm doing and am thinking up things to happen as I go along, but once I know what scene I'm writing it's surprisingly easy and fun to write.

After a lot of calling around, my CTA pass finally showed up; my drafting table hasn't, though, and I've been calling the company so often that I'm on friendly first-name terms with the shipping manager but he can't get hold of the warehouse for tracking information. So in the meantime my CTA pass is no good, because I can't leave the apartment for fear that Fed-Ex will show up with my table.

School starts in a few weeks; I'm taking Drawing I and Costume Construction I, which are both useful life skills in any case.

I seem to have fallen off the baseball-following wagon, as I do every year. I have the vague impression that the Mets are being complete crap and the entire Cubs roster is injured, so I suppose my attempt at support wasn't much help to them in any case. I have been watching Ken Burns' Baseball for the first time since I was tiny, so I'm still loving the whole baseball history thing.

I still don't have a job! Surprise surprise.

Like I said: not very exciting. Being stuck at home does that.


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