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1. You know that ridiculous crossover fic I've been nattering about since January 16? It just went off to beta, all nearly-29000-words-and-gonna-get-longer of it, so HA. FIC WILL APPEAR RELATIVELY SOONISH.

Of course, this now means that I no longer have an excuse not to actually reread the Series of Unfortunate Events books, or watch Star Trek, or-- most importantly-- stop looking at pictures of motorcycles and buckle down to write my [community profile] polybigbang. Oops.

2. So naturally I spent the rest of my evening torrenting Ken Burns' Baseball and watching the first inning. I haven't watched it since I was little and renting the videos with my dad! And I've failed at my New Years' resolution of keeping track of how the Cubs and the Mets are doing, same as I do every year, but oh my god baseball history is still so cool and I love it.

3. The Sisters Grimm series, by Michael Buckley. Block quotes under the cut. )

So yeah, these . . . may or may not have beat out Snow White: A Tale of Terror for my favorite fractured fairy tale, because I love that movie an awful lot, but they're coming awfully close. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

4. In celebration of the possibility of me finally actually posting fic: a WIP excerpt meme. This thing is always going around somewhere.

Three Link/Violet, one Doctor Who/Hot Fuzz, and the beginning of my polybigbang under the cut. )

5. I cleaned my laptop screen! The world looks so much brighter now :O
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Today I returned a pair of shoes I'd bought and then decided were hideously ugly, bought two more pairs (for the same price) that are not hideously ugly, picked up Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography and some actual useful domestic items, and came home. Successful shopping trips! They're a wonderful thing.

And then I actually opened the book I'd bought. DDDDDDD:

cut for a couple of scans and some flail )

Even the book I'm actually reading right now is talking about metamathematics and how some mathematical propositions have been proven unproveable, so we can't ever know whether they're true or not. So between that and all the fourth-wall warping going around, I'm not feeling too well right now. I think I might go lie down and quietly read something nice and soothing, like say a Stephen King novel.


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