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things that i would weep with joy to read on the slim chance they ever exist:

the AU version of The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes with Guy Ritchie's Holmes instead of Doyle's, in which Holmes is of course utterly delighted to help find a missing kitten, but is also high the entire time and accidentally involves ickle Peter in a very dangerous and complicated international conspiracy in the process.

To be fair, that last bit could be Peter's karma at work as much as Holmes's.
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I need this now.
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! Three-day weekend, hooray! And then a really hectic four-day week. This thing where I'm actually operating on the same day-to-day schedule as the rest of the universe is weeeeeird.

@ So is the thing where I went out yesterday and spent a decent chunk of money on things to draw with. I am an actual paying committed art student aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

# [profile] ganymi is working on an RP comm that would be perfect for a character I thought up two years ago and never found a home for. I am actually tempted, despite not having RPed anything or wanted to in nearly a year, which means she is a terrible human being and I am never ever speaking to her again >:(

$ Three weeks until my roommate moves out and I can have her room! Which is bigger and has a closet what is this madness D: Though the moving-down-the-hall process should be interesting.

% Yes, I have seen Terminator, and a review will result eventually. I'm lazy, and also still sorting through what I want to say about it. I can assure you that my favorite pasttime of striding heroically around downtown Chicago with the TDK soundtrack on my headphones has suddenly gotten a lot weirder, thank you Mr. Bale.

^ So yeah, I was looking for a PB (not for actual RP purposes) for an older Link Larkin, right? and I ended up with Ian Somerhalder but I was :/-ing over his hair color. And then, and then, he turned out to be on a forthcoming TV show where he has black hair. Because I am just so awesome I can choose PBs based on what they will look like in the future.

I could not resist adding pictures here )

Oh, and there's something in there somewhere about vampires, but I AM A GODDESS OF PB-HUNTING. I DEMAND WORSHIP. OR COFFEE.
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I went to see Star Trek last night! Again. I intend to keep doing this until it leaves theaters or I get sick of it, which I expect to be never.

I was kind of disappointed, though, that the audience was so much less involved than when I went at midnight on the 8th; I mean, I expected that, but there was such a feeling of community at the midnight show. People laughed and cheered and applauded for things. Hardly anyone even laughed at things when I went last night; certainly no one cheered or applauded, not even for casting spoiler ) And I really missed that.

So I thought about actually going and looking into organized Star Trek fandom for the first time, the kind of fandom with fic and shipping and so on. Because I haven't really gotten into a fandom in ages and I don't really remember what being properly in a fandom feels like, and everyone else is getting into it these days and so on. And then I remembered that Trek fandom involves the kind of person who was all over the message boards a year ago when photos of filming at Starfleet Academy leaked, going "The girl cadets' skirts are all two inches too long! This movie will be an abomination! I'm not going!" (This isn't a generalization; I remember a specific person saying that he would not be seeing the movie because the uniform skirts appeared the wrong length in a couple of photos taken from a significant distance away.) Trek fandom, including the kind with fic and shipping and so on, includes the kind of people who go "Yeah, sure, the decision to cast a Korean as Sulu needs examining, but I think it's even worse that Kirk's eyes were the wrong color and Spock's earlobes aren't attached." (This, too, was a specific LJ comment I've seen, and incidentally I don't find John Cho's casting problematic but I think it's a substantially more worthy topic of discussion than Zach Quinto's earlobes.) That's what Trek fandom has the reputation for being like, and if it's going to continue being like that-- well, I've been a fan for eighteen years without involving myself much in the community and I can happily go right on doing it.

On the other hand, last night I really just had the sudden urge to be insanely geeky about everything. It was probably because I was at a geek movie prefaced by the trailers for half a dozen more geek movies, but I had this sudden rush of wanting to check out all the canons for everything ever, and just sit around the rest of my life watching things and reading things. Unfortunately this isn't really possible, so I decided to do the next best thing while I'm deciding what to do about Star Trek fandom, and the next best thing is that once I finish a draft of this fic I'm sick of kicking myself over I'm going to go straight through and watch all the TV shows. And all the movies, except that supposed tenth one that doesn't really exist because I won't let it.

You see what I did there? I came up with an astonishingly epic procrastination method five days before I start school. And then found a way to put that off. Self-sabotage harder, self, honestly.

So, yeah, going to watch a horrifying quantity of Star Trek over the next few months and possibly post about it, until I get sick of it (hopefully not) or until I run out, at which point I will then go running to the library for piles of tie-in novels. And when I run out of those it will be 2011 and the next movie will be coming out. I AM A GENIUS.

I also expect to be spending a ton of time on buses and trains, because I live right between school and work but have a decently sized commute to each, so I've got me a ton of Deadpool PDFs and I'm hunting down used copies of all the Series of Unfortunate Events books. I plan to be very, very geeky this summer. >:D
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Oh, oh, oh. Oh my holy fucking god you guys they did it. They did it and they got everything right that needed to be right and oh, they fucking nailed it.

I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and find out it hasn't happened yet or it actually sucked, because I literally cannot believe that a movie this amazing happened to a canon I love this much. Oh, my heart.

I need to see this one or ten more times and write a coherent review of it and marry JJ Abrams and Bob Orci and Michael Giacchino and also the entire cast, not necessarily in that order, but right now I'm too busy being literally dizzy with happiness so I'll get back to you on that.

Holy shit. *_______________*

ETA: Okay, I lied, flist, talk to me. I want to talk about this movie so goddamn much and I'm not going to wait to be coherent about it.

Star Trek )

Trailer report:

* The only one tonight I hadn’t seen before was G.I. Joe. I know nothing about G.I. Joe whatsoever, but Christopher Eccleston is in it, so I’m there.
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine )

Trailer report:
* Re Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS. They bred Transformers with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and FILMED PART OF IT IN MY HOMETOWN. I am so excited for this, regardless of the actual quality of the movie, that I might explode before I ever get to actually see it.
* I never saw the first Night at the Museum movie, because I was working as a museum guard at the time and a few of the pieces I was seeing daily wigged me out badly enough all on their own. Battle of the Smithsonian looks hilarious and amazing, though, and I think maybe it's time I caught up.
* I will be going to Terminator Salvation, of course. I am still kind of wary of a Terminator movie that's about John instead of Sarah, but if there are cyborgs involved I'm there.
* Did I mention that Pandorum looks awesome? It really does.
* Away We Go looks ~*~quirkily indie~*~ enough for about five movies. Um, no thanks.
* The commercial about Jack the Rapper was replaced a few weeks ago with one about a chimpanzee. I am still mourning that there will never actually be a kids' movie called Jack the Rapper.

Star Trek tomorrow night. Eeeeeeeeeeeee. Also coming soon: The Brothers Bloom and Up.
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The Star Trek movie is currently rated 100% on RottenTomatoes. Which I figured meant three or four reviews so far, but no-- twenty-two critics loved it and none hated it, yet.

It'll probably go down, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am so excited for this. Three more days, Internet!


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