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Semester is over! I survived and everything, and I'm free until the first or second week of September now \o/

And now, have a ton of photos. I don't know if anyone wants to see them, but I want to post them, so there.

First of all, that set design project I spent a million hours on. )

In the interim here I also did a costume design assignment and a sound design assignment. Sound design I can't show pictures of, obviously, but it was a passage from World War Z read to Nine Inch Nails' "A Warm Place"; the costume design assignment was done on a second consecutive all-nighter while watching cartoons, so the idea is sound but the quality of the work was awful. You guys don't get to see that either.

Instead, have the costume designs I did for the group final. )

Apparently I not only survived the semester but got an A, but it's four years since I got through an academic semester without severe embarrassment and more than that since I got an A in a class I wasn't repeating, so chances are high that I will wake up soon into the real world where I flunked. In the meantime I'm relatively free for the next six weeks, so brb buying a tank of coffee and writing all the fanfiction in the world.


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