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I was on a train from 8AM Jan 1-noon Jan 2, so I did nothing for the holiday :( Not that I ever do, but hey.

1. Yuletide reveal: I only wrote one fic this year, and had a lot of fun with it, but sadly it wasn't too far outside my usual product.

I think, if I were king of Greece
1443 words, PG.
Gherkins had gotten hold of her fountain pen, and was doodling scratchily all over one end of her blotter. “Aunt Mary,” he said thoughtfully, “when you were Winnie’s age, could you climb trees?”

I have a NYR in mind, but it would be in art form and y'all know how I get about drawing things where people might see them, so God knows.

2. People have so much to say about how 2011 went for them. I feel kind of shitty thinking about it, because I really don't feel like I made much of a net gain. I got marginally better at drawing, I guess. I got worse at exercising regularly. I actually talk to people IRL, though I have no faith that any of them gives a damn about me. I went on two dates, both of which were failures except as character-building exercises, but I had never been on any before so I guess that's progress. I joined group therapy and quit again. I started a webcomic, failed, deleted the website. I bought roller-skating lessons and failed out. There is a pattern here.

I have a lot of specific goals for next year involving exercise and health and art et cetera, but my real resolution as always is to really feel that I have progressed and changed in some noticeable way. Just once. That would be nice.


Dec. 30th, 2011 03:58 am
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I'm very new to this whole double-journal thing, and I'm so used to my setup over at LJ that I don't feel entirely comfortable with crossposting fic like I would other kinds of entries?

Regardless, I know I have Wimsey fans over here who don't know me on LJ, so I thought I would at least alert you that a story has in fact occurred!

I took my pennies to the market square, St. George/Hilary Thorpe, 2200 words, PG. Set on Christmas, 1944.
It wasn't a real disappointment that it didn't snow for the Christmas of 1944, but it felt somehow as though it were just about to, which was really the most one could hope for.


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