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OKAY SO. Apparently I have a whole ton of people friended/subscribing/whatever you call it here that I don't on LJ and whom I possibly don't actually know at all, so perhaps I will crosspost after all while I'm getting myself sorted. I don't want to import my LJ, because there's five back years of teenage fail in there, but here's the short version:

I'm 21-- was born in NYC, grew up near Philadelphia, and currently live in Chicago with a lab tech, a math professor, and a giant orange cat. I was taking British history at U Chicago but hated it, dropped out, and am currently working for an online shoe store and looking into being an illustration major (and stage design minor) at an art school downtown.

I have no real specific fandoms any more, but the list of things I would love to read and/or write fic for is vast, and I love a good crossover-- I've got three separate ones on the brain right now. I get pretty OTP-ish and defensive about pairings, but I'll fall in love with a character or canon at the drop of a hat. As a general rule I like fictional(ized) newspapers, cyborgs, women who play with machinery, YA, non-comics-based superheroes, crime novels, and all kinds of cheesy ridiculousness. (My most recent addictions are Life, the BBC State of Play, Lost, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Zac Efron. If that helps.)

Tell me about yourselves :D? Even the socks and lurkers, if y'like, I'm curious who I'm talking to here. I'd offer lemonade but that doesn't work so well over the Internet.
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So hey, looks like I have a Dreamwidth. I have no idea what if anything I'm going to do with this thing; I just grabbed an invite code when I saw one and ran.

I might use this to post writing things; I might import my LJ and crosspost, though I don't quite see the point of that. I don't know, we'll see how it goes. I have no particular urge to ditch my old LJ, but I kind of like the feeling of starting fresh.

Half of Dreamwidth is probably making a post exactly like this, aren't they.


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