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Today I returned a pair of shoes I'd bought and then decided were hideously ugly, bought two more pairs (for the same price) that are not hideously ugly, picked up Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography and some actual useful domestic items, and came home. Successful shopping trips! They're a wonderful thing.

And then I actually opened the book I'd bought. DDDDDDD:

cut for a couple of scans and some flail )

Even the book I'm actually reading right now is talking about metamathematics and how some mathematical propositions have been proven unproveable, so we can't ever know whether they're true or not. So between that and all the fourth-wall warping going around, I'm not feeling too well right now. I think I might go lie down and quietly read something nice and soothing, like say a Stephen King novel.
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Yesterday it was lovely and sunny and I went and had a picnic lunch in the park; today it was drizzly and cold and I got a hot chocolate and went used-book shopping at the book festival downtown. Both very pleasant afternoons! But ftlog, weather, it is June and you should make up your mind.

I got four books for myself and one for my mom, though! So not a bad haul for seven dollars. And I ran into my ex-boss three times, but that wasn't terribly surprising given the venue. Honestly, the Powell's tent traumatized me much worse with . . . whatever the hell new editions of the Series of Unfortunate Events they had, which were garish and hideous and made me weep into my cocoa. Helquist's cover art for the later books makes me do that anyway (what the fuck is with Sunny's hair DDDDDDDDD:) but at least the cover design used to be good :(

In slightly more important news, I'm moving next week! Down the hall into a bigger bedroom, anyway, which means I get all the fun of moving with none of the annoyance of actually having to pack. This is going to be fantastic.

Oh and, um, I've been coughing for two weeks now and I'm getting pretty sick of it. Otherwise life is fun and good but not really all that interesting. I'm way behind on movie posts and should probably do something about that.


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