Apr. 9th, 2012

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Hello, Internet! Is anyone still paying attention to me? Is there anyone left besides me who cares about my fic? (Am I going to post it anyway? Yes.)

It may be time to admit I am not as much of a LJ/DW person as I used to be? I am trying super hard to be more of a real person, but honestly it is slow going so far. I am still absolutely writing fic--Hogwarts AU got clogged up for a while but is progressing again, slowly. (Mostly the problem is that I need to write some Harriet/Peter in this bit and Harriet/Peter scares the crap out of me.) Casefic is still in editing mode, but there may be a very dim spark of light at the end of the tunnel? I hope.

I couldn't sleep tonight and the next two days are going to be rough as hell schoolwise, so I don't want to talk about real life much because I won't have anything good to say about it.

How are you folks?

(Also, if you want to get me somewhere that I'm keeping up with better right now, I'm spintheiryarns on Twitter and queencardigan on Tumblr.)


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